iPhone, Android, Galaxy, phones are what were best at!

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Software issue? Maybe you broke your screen. We fix it!

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Crack you screen, or drop your tablet in the water? its ok.

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We'll diagnose and heal up your phone

Computers, Phones, Tablet, we fix them all. From the smallest issue, to the biggest inconvience! Its ok thats what we're here for. Most people think after they break there phone, or there computer is running to slow to just throw it away& buy a new one. Well thats crazy, don't lose all your information and waste your money. At Wireless Geeks & iGeek Repair Center, we can fix your device and offer you a 90 day parts and labor warranty so you can be happy with your working device & feel comfortable knowing your protected.

Wholesale Accounts

Own a wireless repair shop, computer repair center, or just a regular cell phone store? Wireless Geeks, provides clients with wholesale parts & wholesale repairs!